Q: I used your system before for a free registration event, and I remember I could mass update list of Attendee. Now I have an event selling tickets, yet I'm unable to find the option to import offline attendees. Where do I find that option?

A: If your events is paid events (ticket with prices) or have promo code (discount or access) or have merchandise and inventory - the option "Import" attendee will not be available for mass upload of attendee. 

- Only free registration event  + no promo or access code + no merchandise and inventory items will allows this function of mass importing/ uploading of attendees. 

In the scenario if you can ensure that there is none of the mentioned above items, you can see the "Import" function:

In the scenario your event has none of the mentioned above items, but you cannot see the "Import" function, your user role may not assigned the option to "Import" attendee. In this case, you may need to check with your Event Organization Admin to grant you that permission.