Q: One of my participants cannot make it to our event and would like to cancel the ticket he has paid for. I would like to know what happens if we cancel the paid order? 

A: You can refer to this page for the cancelling of order:  https://support.gevme.com/support/solutions/articles/36000058561-cancelling-an-order on the steps to be done. 

Additionally, if the payment has been made, there will be additional steps for refund the buyer - this refund will have to be offline or through your payment gateway - the refund here is just for the audit record, gevme doesn't actually make the refund. 

For example, when you click on Cancel Order, the following screens will show:

After clicking on "Cancel Order"

After clicking on "Refund" - this will bring up the Refund transaction popup:


Fill in:

  • The date of the transaction
  • The type of transaction
  • The amount
  • The description (optional)


Note: Keep the “Create a matching Credit transaction” box checked to offset the refunded amount from your account balance. 

When you extract the revenue from Order Tab, you will have to extract both "Completed" and "Cancelled/ Deleted Order" as the delegate's detail has been removed from both attendee and order list., meaning the original delegate cannot attempt to check in onsite as there is no such ticket id nor attendee id.