Q: After event, I'd like to create survey to improve attendees experience for my next event. Does GEVME support that and how do I do it? 

A: For survey post event, here is what you can do. 

Firstly, you can create a template in the Emails section, with content related to the survey - You can click here for more details about how to create a survey campaign but pay attention to the Email Builder portion.

It's the same as creating email template, however, instead of using the normal CTA button like "Register", you can choose "Take Survey". This CTA button allows recipients, upon receiving your email for getting the survey, can click on and be led to the survey.

Although in the campaign you can create template, we highly recommend that you create a Survey template in the Email template section instead, and when sending out emails, use that Survey template. 

Secondly, after you have created this template, there are 2 ways for you to send out:

1. Create a survey campaign
2. Go to Attendee list, choose all the attendee, sending out email from there, you can click here for the detailed steps. 

If you want to test the survey, you have to send out an email to yourself, using the Survey Email Template.