Important Note: Import Attendees is an option that only available when your event satisfies the following requirements: (1) free registration, (2) no promo nor access code, (3) no merchandise and inventory

As an event organiser, if you need to change one of a choice in the questions of registration form for a group of attendees, in order to save time from accessing each individual details (attendee profile), you can follow these steps to update the new information:

1. Export the chosen Attendee list

2. Leave _id column blank, and keep Attendee # the same 

3. Upon uploading, "If duplicate records are detected", choose to "Update with new information"

4. Once the update is correct and successfully, you will see box "Import Successfully" 

5. Please refer to "before" and "after" images to view how it will be after the update.

Before updating:

After updating: