Q: Does GEVME provide the option to let attendees unsubscribe from my event's mailing list?

A: You can use Email Builder to create a Footer with Unsubscribe option. 

Click here to read more on how to use Email Builder 

To create footer with Unsubscribe option, follow these steps:

1. Click on "Add content", choose "Content Blocks" and choose "Footer"

2. The footer will appear as follows:

3. To edit the Copyright, you can mouse over it and choose the pencil icon, which stands for editing: 


1. The "unsubscribed" option will only work when you send a test email to yourself. You can click here to learn more about the behavior of unsubscribe function. 

2. To test out, make sure to input a testing email instead of your own personal or work email, as the email address will be updated onto GEVME block database, and will not be easily reverted back to normal state to receive other emails from GEVME.