In a nutshell, we have different lists within GEVME

The Invitees module is where you start building the contact list of people whom you want to invite to your event.

The Attendee modules is where you manage all the people who register to your event

There is a special "link" between Invitee and Attendee in GEVME, which you will find in Campaign. 

  • Registered attendees: if you send out invitation from the Invitee List, asking for people to registered attendees, the recipient who registers through the link in the email will turn from Invitee to Attendee. They, then, will be considered as Registered Attendees. 
  • But when you have no invitee,  and you choose to send email to "Registered Attendees", no email will be sent out.

Click here to know more about the Link between invitees and attendees.

In case you would like to create an email campaign, sending out to all attendees, we would suggest that you  choose the following list:

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