Q: Some of my attendees still haven't made payment yet, and I've sent them email reminding to pay with the order payment link. Can they still make payment through order payment link event, when the ticket purchase period has ended, or during the event date? 

A: When there is payment pending, the attendees can make payment even when ticket purchase date has ended, registration is closed or during the event date, using the order payment link in their Order Acknowledgement email. 

These two conditions are to stop new registration/ new ticket purchased, it does not stop people who have already registered but did not make the payment immediately to complete their order by making the payment, as they may still want to go to the event. 

If you don't want those whose payment is still pending to make payment, as Event Admin, you cancel or delete those pending payment orders:

When the participants click on payment link, they will see:


In GEVME you have the option to either Cancel an order or Delete an order.  When an order is created, corresponding contact records will be created in the Contacts module. If the contact already exists (based on email address), then it will be updated with the new data.

- If the admin cancels the order, all attendees under the order will be cancelled and the corresponding contacts will still remain. 

- If the admin deletes the order, all attendees under the order will be deleted and the corresponding contacts will be deleted or will be rolled back to the previous stage.