Q: The Orders reports don't show some details I want to view, such as "Total Before Tax", or payment status is "Pending". Is there a way to customise the reports? 

A: In Reports section, Reports are divided into: 

  1. Tickets
  2. Orders
  3. Survey
  4. Attendees
  5. Merchandise

Each of them will allow you to have an overview of the respective section. 

By default, Orders Reports shall have:

  • Orders Listing: List of all completed orders
  • Orders & Attendees Listing: List of all the orders along with the attendees information
  • Transactions: List of all transactions 

Depending on requirement of your operations, you can customise the reports to view the additional information, by clicking on the gear icon on right-hand side of the report 

  • A box to customise columns and details of report will appear: 

  • You can start customising the report to meet your requirement of seeing all available columns

Furthermore, you can refer to this article: detailed guide on customising Report.