Q: Some of the attendees using the same email address to register to my event, how to prevent this from happening? 

A: You can setup email address field as a unique value field. 

In GEVME, both Buyer Form and Attendee Form by default, First Name, Last Name and Email are mandatory fields. 

  •  You can mark email address as "Unique Value" - No duplicate 

  • If the attendee already uses their email once to register for the event, if they try to register again using the sam email address, error messages will appear as below:
    • A message informs the attendee how many errors within the form
    • Message at the error - in this case, "Email is duplicate".  In this case, the attendee will have to change to a different email address in order to continue completing the registration. 

Similarly, if there is any other field you prefer to have no duplicated information, for example: Passport / Identification No / NRIC / Member ID, you can utilise this option.