Q: There are a number of Invitees who have not opened the emails I sent the first time, how do I send another reminder email to them so they can register to my event? 

A: This is a manual process that event organiser has to perform:

1. Open the statistics and export the list of unopen:  

2. In the CSV file, clean the _id column, as this ID is system generated, and you will need to re-import this file back into GEVME system, for example, Invitee List, if you want to send follow-up email to the invitees

3. Import the list back into the Invitee list, refer to this article on Importing invitee from file

- take note: 

  • to put the Match records based on Email - because the invitee are already available. 
  • If duplicate records are detected choose Update with new information

    This option will update the information of the matching record in the target destination, which is adding them into the new static list

  • Assign imported records to static list? Choosing Yes for this option, and give it a name for easy identification, for example, Unopen20Jul - this will remind you that you have a list of Invitees who have not opened your 1st invitation email.

4. Once the list is successfully imported, you will have 2 ways of sending emails:

  • Send immediately from the Grid: choose the static list, click on Email, choose the relevant template and send. Refer to this video for the steps 

  • Send from Campaign: create and setup a campaign, choose the correct list and schedule the campaign to be sent out based on your requirement