API integration is a connection between GEVME Registration Platform and a 3rd party vendor application for data exchange, using APIs.

A Client could request for “API integration” between GEVME and their 3rd party vendor.

The aim is normally to pull the information from GEVME registration form - information of Attendee -  to the 3rd party vendor app for various reasons, for example, for the business matching purpose between attendees who attend the event.


1. Client to submit a request to cs.reg@gevme.com with the following information:

  • The objective of the integration
  • Detailed Requirements Specification
  • Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
  • Use cases / UAT document

2. GEVME team will review the requirements and advise the integration method

3. Client to provide additional details for methods #1 & #2, or arrange a discussion if going for method #3, explained below.


Depending on the objectives, there are various integration methods. GEVME will advise you on the suitable methods. 

1. Third-party vendor app to PULL data from GEVME Event - Via GEVME API

The other app would call the GEVME API endpoints to pull the attendee data, the authorization used is OAuth 2.0

The endpoints in the API can be found in the documentation here.

The client would provide the following to generate the API credentials:

  • GEVME Organisation URL where the integration is required
  • Email Address of a GEVME User, which is set up with an appropriate user role & permissions. The app would log in to GEVME using this User account.
  • Callback_URL of the App (Redirect URL)

GEVME team would: 

  • Generate the API credentials (ClientID & ClientSecret) 
  • Add the Organisation ID to the dB to use the credentials
  • Pass the credentials as an encrypted zip file, password sent separately to the authorized person designated by the Client. These credentials should never be shared publicly as they will provide all access to your Event attendee data.
  • The instructions for the Client's 3rd party vendor are:

1. Authorize - Get the code from this URL:


Scope reference: here

You will be able to get the code via the redirect URL as a query parameter.

2. Access Token - To generate the access token, do a post request to this URL: /POST 


Below is the payload for this request.

--- form-data ---


client_id: {{ CLIENT_ID }}

client_secret: {{ CLIENT_SECRET }}

redirect_uri: {{ REDIRECT_URL }}

code: {{ CODE_FROM_STEP_1 }}

scope: root

2. GEVME Event to PUSH registration data to 3rd party vendor app - Via Webhooks

The client would provide: 

  • The API credentials and endpoints of the 3rd party app 
  • The GEVME Event details where the integration is required

The Webhooks will be created for the Client’s Event to push data to the 3rd party application upon registration submissions.

3. Custom Integration Request

When the Client has custom requests, the GEVME team would review the requirements, get clarifications, where required. 

We then will revert with a feasibility analysis and effort estimation. 

Once the design and timeline are agreed upon between the Client & GEVME, the implementation happens, followed by QA and release.