Fully utilise the Confirmation Page to promote the next activities that you wish your attendees to be engaged with. 

There are different methods to achieve your goals.

A. Add some simple HTML customisation in the Confirmation Page Message



Some HTML codes that are useful for you:

B. Show access to Gevme's virtual platform

By selecting "Show access to the virtual event", you will have the Access Link presented on the Confirmation Page.

This feature is disabled by default and it is only enabled if the conditions are met:

1. A valid Gevme LivePage Address is inserted under Event Details / Digital Platform.

2. Successfully sync the data from Gevme Registration to Gevme Omnichannel platform.


There are 2 CTA URLs for your selection: 

- Gevme LivePage

Your attendee will be direct to your preferred landing page and sign in to the event after an authentication. 

Should you offer a group purchase, this is the preferred method as we want to ensure every account is protected and only accessed by the account owner. 

- Magic Link

Skipping the landing page, this CTA button will bring the attendee to their event without any authentication. 

Do note that Magic Link should only be used when your ticket permitted per order is 1 for all ticket types in the event. 

In this scenario, the buyer is the attendee as well; hence we can skip the authentication and allow the attendee to access their account directly.