You seem to face some challenges with 2FA, let us assist you.

Select Try another way

In this view, you have an option to "Try another way". Click on it.

Various methods will be presented, you can select another way to sign in

- Authenticator App

- SMS/Voice Call

- Backup Codes

In case that these methods are not working or not available for your use, contact our Support at for assistance.

Reset your 2FA

Step 1: Using the backup code, you will be able to access the system.

Step 2: After accessing Gevme backend, you can reconfigure your 2FA again. Simply go to your Profile on the right corner, click on Admin Console / Account / Security

Step 3: We highly suggest to reconfigure all methods: Authenticator, SMS and save your Backup Codes as well. 

In addition, you can consider using Authy App as Authenticator. If you change phone, you can just install the App again and 2FA is working as usual.