Attendees must wait for an Email Confirmation to download the Tickets. It is no longer the case.

Upon completing the registration form and payment (if applicable), your buyer / attendees can immediately download the Tickets on the Confirmation Page. 

The Settings

Under Automated Messages & Emails / Confirmation Page, a new option is added Download Tickets

Simply enable it. You can also customise the Call-to-action Text. Do note that the maximum characters limit is 200. 

Button color is the base color set under Event Page

The Outcome

Once it is enabled, a button will present on the Confirmation Page and your Attendees can download their ticket(s).

The tickets are in PDF File (1 registrant) or Zipped Folder of PDF Files (Multi-registrants in an order). It is the same as per the Tickets presented in the Confirmation Email.



Insert Call to action Text:
<b>Download Ticket from here. </b><br />An email is also sent to the ticket buyer/main registrant with ticket attachment.

The Outcome: