It is an increasing trend that most mailers are deploying enhanced layer of security for email content to be checked thoroughly before reaching the recipients. 

The email is scanned automatically for

- Viruses

- Malware

- Spam

- Links and Attachments are evaluated

- etc....

During this scan, links are clicked on for verification. 

RSVP Yes response on Gevme requires submission of a Yes Form, Yes form is enabled and mandatory. Whereas, No form being optional, if it is disabled, RSVP No response is just a click in the email, without form submission. 

This may result in auto-submission of RSVP No in Gevme if there is Email link scanning turned ON on the Recipient's Mailer. 


- To enable your RSVP No Form

- RSVP No Form field settings

RSVP No form can have input fields, like a reason and/or just information text like:

The expected flow

RSVP No (Click)
(Not Recommend)
RSVP No (Form Submission)
What may happen when the mailer scans the emailInvitee's mailer click on "No" during the scan.

** For invitees with strict mailer rule, the email scanner may click on the CTA and trigger an auto-submission of RSVP No
Invitee's mailer click on "No" during the scan. The RSVP No Form will be loaded.
Possible OutcomeYour invite has not reached the invitee's mailbox; but RSVP No is submitted; and the invitee receives the RSVP No's Confirmation Email.Once the email passes the relevant check, it is safely delivered to the recipient's mailbox.

The behavior is variable subject to the recipient's mailer rules.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Gevme Support at