Gevme is committed to ensuring the highest possible deliverability of your emails. We understand the importance of your messages reaching their intended recipients, and we continually strive to implement best practices in email delivery.

As part of this commitment, we'd like to inform you about a proactive measure we're taking:

Dedicated Singapore IP Address for Emails

Gevme currently utilizes multiple IP addresses located across different regions for sending emails. To further enhance deliverability specifically for emails sent using a domain, we could assist to implement a system that exclusively routes these emails through an IP address originating from Singapore.

Additional Options for Enhanced Deliverability

If you'd like all your emails, regardless of domain name, to be sent exclusively from a Singapore IP address, Gevme is happy to assist. Our team can provide your IT department with a specific set of DNS records that need to be configured.

Next Steps:

  • No action is required on your part if you are satisfied with the current email delivery process.

  • However, if you wish to explore exclusive use of a Singapore IP address for all your Gevme emails, or have inquiries about this provisioned measure, please don't hesitate to contact the Gevme support team at We'll be happy to provide you with the necessary DNS records and answer any questions you may have. For more details on the action required, please refer here.

Thank you for your continued trust in Gevme. We remain dedicated to providing you with the best possible services.