These are the main components of the Event Page:

1. Event Banner

The banner of the Event Page is in a vertical format as shown in the image above. You can either upload your own image for the banner, or if you don't, it will be filled with the base event colour. For more details on the specifications to follow for the event banner, see the article Event Banner Dimensions and Guidelines.

2. Floating Block

The Floating Block in the top left corner contains the following elements:

  1. Your event logo
    If you do not upload any logo, your event name will appear here instead.
  2. Event venue location
    Clicking on the Event venue link will open up the map of the location of your event.
  3. Link to your event website
    If you have a separate event website to which you want to link to, you can insert the link here.
  4. Link to your social media pages
    If you have social media pages to which you want to link to, you can insert the links here.

Note that all of these can be turned on or off from the Event Page settings screen in the backend. For more information on that, see the article Customizing Your Event Page.

3. Event Title, Date and Venue

This portion contains the title, date and venue of your event.

4. Registration & Ticket Widget

The Registration &Ticket Widget is what leads the participant to the registration form of your event. Depending on the way that your registration was setup, the widget can look different. For more details on how to customize the look of the widget, see the article Types of Registration Flows and Displays on the Event Page.

5. Event Details

This is where you can post text, images, and hyperlinks related to your event. Include your speaker lineup, conference agenda, or photographs of the event venue to give people more information about your event.

6. Footer

Organizer information such as organizer name and contact email are automatically included in the footer of the event page. This allows people to quickly and directly contact you if they have any questions regarding your event.