Q: I want to understand the email template, what is the difference between Order/Registration email and Order Order Acknowledgement Template?

If my event is a free registration-only event, I want to send out two types of email:

1. Registration Acknowledgement: We acknowledge their registration, but it is not a confirmation email 

2. Registration Confirmation: We confirm their registration 

How do we achieve this? 

A: "Order/Registration Confirmation Template" to send confirmation emails whenever a person successfully complete a registration to an event. 

- If the event is free, they will automatically receive this email when they register by successfully submitting the Registration Form. 

- If the event is paid event - tickets with price, once the attendee makes the payment successfully, they will receive this email as well. 

"Order Acknowledgement Template" is applicable for paid event / events with tickets. This is sent to registrant who registers but has not be made payment. 

Further information can be found in this article: https://support.gevme.com/support/solutions/articles/36000058402-email-templates 

For the flow as you refer to, you can consider the following method:

1. Registration Acknowledgement 

We can change the content of "Order/Registration Confirmation Template" to reflect the information that this is an acknowledgement email. 

- This email will be automatically sent to registrants every time they register to the event. 

2. Registration Confirmation

- Create a new email template, name it Registration Confirmation email. 

- Manually send the confirmation email to those who are eligible to join your event.