I have my registration data in Gevme and wish to use Jublia as my business matching platform.


It is a seamless integration between the 2 systems. We have worked together in multi-projects and have established a great process to assist all our clients. 

About Jublia

Jublia empowers you to grow your events by engineering audience interactions, enhancing content discovery, and maximising customer satisfaction. All delivered on the foundation of an intelligent recommendation platform to boost your event revenue.

More information can be found:

The Integration

The nature of this integration:

- Gevme will PUSH all registration data to Jublia

- Jublia will receive ALL data
Jublia then set up different groups, conditions and filters as per the specifications agreed with the client. 

Submit your Request

1. Reach out to Jublia with your requirements. The team will work with you on the specification that you require

2. Connect Jublia with Gevme by dropping us a note:
Email to:

Header: Integration Gevme/Jublia

Email Content:
- Share your Gevme Event Link:

- Request Jublia and Gevme work together to set up for your event. 

Note: In the coming months, the organiser is able to enable this integration directly within Gevme backend. More details will be shared. Stay tuned! 

3. Leave it for us. 

After this introduction, Jublia will prepare the technical specifications document and share with Gevme. We will work together based on it. 


Subject to your registration data's complexity, this may take 2 weeks and more. Do cater ample time for this integration and testing. 

Important Note

Ticket Type:

To ensure all your Ticket Types are listed in the specification document with Jublia

Tickets do not involve Business Matching, tag to them the Exclusion List

Registration Form:
- Client to ensure your data in Gevme is best presented and met all conditions set by Jublia.

Jublia 's FieldsRemarks
Full NameA concatenation of 2 fields in Gevme:
First Name
Last Name
Position / Job Title
Business Email
Mobile Number
Booth / Stand Number - Meeting Location
Exhibitor's Company IdentifierSubject to your set-up, it can be a field in your exhibitor's registration form or promotional code. 
Company Name

Company WebsiteIt must be in https:// format

- There should be minimum alteration to your data display. The dropdown list in Gevme, should be presented in Jublia as the same

- If you allow the value - "Others", we suggest to set up as Dependent Fields

Do NOT use this:

Set it up this way instead:

- Add values "Others" in the list of choices
- Enable Dependent Field
- Add Single Line Text in the Dependent Field and select the values - Others in the main question.

Guide on Dependent Field can be found here.

* By doing this, your "Others" value list is captured in a separate field.

* The main registration will be fixed with your list of choices. It will keep the filters in Jublia neat and presentable.