About Jublia

Jublia empowers you to grow your events by engineering audience interactions, enhancing content discovery, and maximising customer satisfaction. All are delivered on the foundation of an intelligent recommendation platform to boost your event revenue.

More information can be found at https://www.jublia.com/

The Integration

The nature of this integration:

- Gevme will PUSH all registration data to Jublia

- Jublia will receive ALL data
Jublia then set up different groups, conditions and filters as per the specifications agreed with the client. 


[Jublia] Project Creation

Reach out to Jublia with your requirements. The team will work with you on the specification that you require and a Jublia Event Code will be provided to you by your Technical Success Manager. 

[Gevme] Enable the Integrations

1. Reach out to Gevme Support to enable Jublia for your event
Email to: cs.reg@gevme.com

Header: Enable Jublia for {{event.name}} | {{event.id}}

Email Content:
- Share your Gevme Event Link: 

- Request Gevme to enable Jublia Integration

This activation will take 2 working days at Gevme. Overall, we strongly suggest catering ample time for this integration and testing. For an assistance, please feel free to connect Gevme and Jublia to discuss and address any concerns that you may have. 

2. Set Up the Integration

You now will see a feature - Integrations in the main menu.

and Jublia is ready to use application to be turned on. 

2.1. Do ensure that you have requested for the relevant consent in your Terms and Conditions in data transfers from Gevme to Jublia. 

2.2. Insert Jublia API Key and Event Code

2.3. Map the fields of the systems.
Do note that these fields are mandatory in Jublia. The sync will fail if the data is not completed.
While pushing the mandatory fields by Jublia, Gevme will send ALL available data in your attendee grid.

2.4. Save Fields and Sync all Data. 

3. Resync All
With the same button, you can Sync/Resync all Data.
Subject to the volume of the data, it may take some time in the backend to resync all data.

Important Note

Ticket Type

To ensure all your Ticket Types are listed in the specification document with Jublia.

Tickets do not require for Business Matching, do list them under Exclusion.

Registration Form

- Client to ensure your data in Gevme is best presented and met all conditions set by Jublia.

- If a field is not available in your form, you can select No Match value in the dropdown. 

Jublia FieldsGevme Fields
Active StatusYou have all Order Status in the dropdown.

To select the relevant status that you allow data to be pushed to Jublia.

- Completed (default)
- Imported (Select this if you import data to the attendee grid)
- Partial, Pending Payment, Others (Select these if you allow attendees records with outstanding payment to be pushed to Jublia)
Badge IDTicket Number (default)
Full Name
A concatenation of 2 fields in Gevme:
First Name
Last Name
Company WebsiteIt must be in https:// format
Exhibitor's Company IdentifierSubject to your set-up, it can be a field in your exhibitor's registration form or promotional code.
Booth/Stand Number - Meeting LocationSubject to your set-up, it can be a field in your exhibitor's registration form or promotional code.

- There should be minimum alteration to your data display. The dropdown list in Gevme, should be presented in Jublia as the same.

- If you allow the value - Others, we suggest to set up as Dependent Fields

Do NOT use this:

Set it up this way instead:

- Add values Others in the list of choices
- Enable Dependent Field
- Add Single Line Text in the Dependent Field and select the values - Others in the main question.

Guide on Dependent Field set-up can be found here.

* By doing this, your Others value list is captured in a separate field.
* The main registration will be fixed with your list of choices. It will keep the filters in Jublia neat and presentable.