When a buyer or attendee registers to the event but they haven't made a payment yet, by default, they will receive order acknowledgement email together with an invoice in pdf format. This invoice is generated by the system for pending payments. 

The invoice layout is fixed and cannot be changed. 

1. Event logo: can be changed at Event Details

2. Event details: Event Name, date & time, location 

3. Details of billing company

4. Invoice number is system generated and unique to each purchase. 

5. Details of buyer 

Note: in GEVME invoice, by default, only the first name, last name and email of the buyer will be shown on the transaction document.

If you want to show all show the full billing address of the buyer, you can refer to this article.

6. Order number is system generated and unique to each buyer

7. Order details:

Include Name of Attendee, ticket name, ticket quantity, ticket price, and total price. 

8. If you enable Tax in the event, invoice will show the amount of tax. 

Read more about paid events and tax from this article. 

9. Payment methods: 

All payment methods setup for the event which allows the attendee to choose to make payment from. 

Read more about setting up payment methods for your event from this article